Snowplowing is our business. Local snowplow drivers from your area are on call 24 hours a day, seven days a week to clear the way for your customers. One ton pick-up's to ten ton dump trucks are available depending on the size of your parking lot. Multiple locations are our specialty.


SRSA, Inc.

   Snow Response
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Snowplowing Services

Professional snow & ice management services at a reasonable price.

Over 50 trucks ready 24 hours a day to clear the way for your customers.

Large Coverage Area.

Local Drivers.

Serving Western Pennsylvania since 1979.

We are fully insured.

Credit Cards accepted.

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Salting Services

Even if your parking lot is free of snow, that doesn't mean it's free from ice. Icy conditions can occur from melting snow or freezing rain. That's why the drivers have salt spreaders on their trucks. We offer de-icing services to help keep your parking lot accident free.

Snow Blowing & Shoveling Services

Our dedicated sidewalk crews are available to keep your walkways safe for customers, visitors and employees. We use calcium chloride as a deicer to keep them from becoming slippery, even at low temperatures.

Snow Evacuation Services

Bobcat and Dump Truck Snow Evacuation services are available for an hourly rate.